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Today’s Jammerzine Exclusive interview is more of a continuance of a good conversation started a couple years ago. I am speaking of MOAT’s Marty Willson-Piper.

Marty’s current project, MOAT, featuring Swedish-German composer Niko Röhlcke, is about to release their upcoming album titled ‘Poison Stream’ in February with an Indiegogo-funded campaign for that album already underway. Already with two singles from the forthcoming album already released (reviews HERE), MOAT is yet an evolution in the revolution that is the careers of both Marty and Niko. And what a varied revolution it is.

Today we talk with Marty about that and his other projects and bands, past, present, and future, and how he finds the time and creative energy to evolve as such an original presence in the music scene.

Check out the links below for what Marty is currently working on as well as planning on his official sites and links to get the upcoming MOAT album.

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About MOAT

Marty Willson-Piper was an original member of Australia’s The Church, a former member of England’s All About Eve, and is a current member of Sweden’s Anekdoten. Famously able to be in ten bands at once, Marty has found a hole in the sky to slip through the clouds – holding a copy of POISON STREAM, the second MOAT album, a collaboration with Swedish-German composer Niko Röhlcke, multi-instrumentalist and member of Sweden’s widely-known Weeping Willows.

More ongoing studio projects include Noctorum, Atlantaeum Flood, Space Summit, an unnamed project with Tangerine Dream’s Jerome Froese, and a production role and guitar contribution to Texan Salim Nourallah’s latest project.

Out now as part of the Indiegogo-funded campaign for the band’s forthcoming second album POISON STREAM (to be released through Schoolkids Records in February 2021), ACID RAIN is a gorgeous blend of the musical DNA of the two members. This latest single which acts as a mission statement and calling card for the record to follow takes the shimmering 12-string sounds which were so resonant during Willson-Piper’s days in The Church but cocoons them in Röhlcke’s wonderful peripheral electronica to build a heavily synth-powered, pop-rock lament.


If the previous single GONE BY NOON showed the duo’s ability to conjure images of cold war trysts and central European espionage through strange and beautiful chamber-pop designs, ACID RAIN sees them working at the other end of the sonic spectrum to create music from more rock and psychedelic brushstrokes, though no less deft, delicate and with the same hints of melancholia.

ACID RAIN is available from the 7th of October 2020 via all your favorite platforms. Simultaneously, the band will be launching their preorder campaign through Indiegogo.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Photos by Olivia Willson-Piper.


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