• First Look: SPC ECO – Under My Skin

    SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) has officially released their new video for the single “Under My Skin”.  Hauntingly eloquent in delivery and beautifully persuasive in execution, SPC ECO captures a spectacular lucid dream with a video that’s as charming as it is eclectic. About SPC ECO Electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO present their

  • First Look: Phil Rudd – Head Job

    Phil Rudd solidifies his rock roots and firmly asserts his reason in rock history with his new video for the title track off of his album “Head Job”. The album has recently been re-released as to get all of the legal BS that can sometimes happen out of the way and

  • First Look: Olivia May – Tonight

    Olivia May has released a gorgeous video for her song titled “Tonight”. I’ve liked Olivia since we first heard of her late last year. She really dives into her work as an artist and it shows. And that demands respect because a lot of artists will just throw their product

  • First Listen: Joel Gion – Tomorrow

    Stepping into the limelight is never an easy task, and to do that when a band like The Brian Jonestown Massacre is in your resume, it can make it intimidating as well. But percussionist Joel Gion does it with ease as he comes into his own with the new single

  • First Listen: Electric Floor – Bluedive

    Relentless yet compelling and aurally lush in every sense of the term, Electric Blue give us a sonic canvas of colors with their new single “Bluedive” off of the upcoming “Fader” album. “Bluedive” is an obvious glimpse into gorgeous creativity that awaits on “Fader” as a whole, with it’s solid

  • First Listen: Andy J Gallagher – Sheena’s Big Night Out / Because We Are

    Raucous and gloriously rambunctious is the new double A-side brought to you by Andy J Gallagher. Each song is short and sweet yet to-the-point by taking the anthemic stance to songwriting and giving us to stomp rockers worthy of any radio station! About Andy J Gallagher A world of punk sensibilities, old-school

  • First Listen: Ummagma – Winter Tale

    Ummagma is comprised of Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov. On this track, Ummagma unveils the shimmery glow of otherworldly delicacy, full of layered yet decipherable lyrics, sway and palpable electronic sounds. Reaching a more confident spot than before, this is Ummagma stripped of some of the devices the band formerly

  • First Listen: American Anymen + Lise – Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did

    “Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did”, the new single from American Anymen and featuring the soothing vocals of French singer Lise, is a far cry from their last singles “Beach & the Sun” and “Selectively Stupid”. To me, this is the mark of true genius. Genius through diversity. And, as we

  • The Test Drive: Sounds of Sputnik – New Born Remixed

    How many times can you remix a track or two and keep it fresh? Well, Sounds of Sputnik can prove that every good song has unlimited possibilities as long as you keep the hook intact. And that is exactly what they do with the help of some well choiced friends,

  • First Look: Heldinky – Arms

    Heldinky’s new single ‘Arms’, is taken from their debut album ‘Miles to Go Before I Sleep’ and provides an introduction to the trio ahead of the release of their new album in 2017. Based in north Wales, the band have been described by one reviewer as playing “intense, dark and

  • First Listen: Olivia May – Tonight

    Olivia May has a story to tell. Years of starts, stops and self-doubt has shaped a voice now ready to empower and inspire those going through similar struggles. Hailing from Fresno, California, Olivia began her career at the age of thirteen when she joined her first band and started playing

  • First Look: The Veldt – In a Quiet Room

    Sultry, seductive, creative, and simply beautiful. That is the best description I can come up with after seeing the video for The Veldt’s stellar single, “In a Quiet Room”. The stunning visuals serve as a surreal interpretation of a tranquil aural journey with the model serving as the muse to creative

  • First Listen: The Wedding Present – Kill Devil Hills

    The Wedding Present deliver a brilliant and arresting audio piece with their new track “Kill Devil Hills”. Vibrant in execution and refreshing in delivery, The Wedding Present show that originality is alive and well in the indie scene with this all-too-short stomp-rocker. As the song says, “like a man, I

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