• First Listen: The History of Colour TV – As Gray As Park Can Be

    The History of Colour TV deliver a dirty yet melodic mess of beautiful chord progressions and interwoven hooks in their new track titled “As Gray As Park Can Be”, off of their new album “Something Like Eternity”. The song is a start, stop, and go type of song with lush

  • The Test Drive: Maker – Move Your Feet

    Infectious to the point of being contagious, Maker’s new EP “Move Your Feet” chuck up five of the gnarliest, catchiest funk-punk “grunge-itude” clad hook laden tracks found on either side of the pond. I’m actually kind of pissed this is an EP because I would love five more tracks of

  • The Test Drive: DocFell & Co – Dust Bowl Heart

    On any given Wednesday, in a Tahlequah back alley that smells of fryer steam and hash browns, you can walk up a rickety flight of stairs and find yourself amongst the padded walls sound boards of the studio belonging Doctor John Eddie, or DocFell as he’s known to most. Fell

  • First Listen: Black Needle Noise (John Fryer) – Swimming Through Dreams (with Mimi Page)

    Stepping out from behind the board, legendary producer John Fryer claims his musical birthright with the help of singer-songwriter Mimi Page. Canvasing a vast sonic landscape wherever he goes, John (a.k.a. Black Needle Noise) paints lucid skies and lurid valleys with every note and ever progression. About John Fryer Legendary producer

  • First Listen: Jackson Legg – OverEasy (She’s Always)

    Lancashire based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jackson Legg began writing songs when he was in his early twenties and living in London. Having already written a novel, Legg found that putting words to music felt more natural and began to record his compositions in a home studio. Finding a list of

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Joel Gion

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Joel Gion is a modern renaissance man. In every sense of the word. He has no time for the drama that, more and more, we all seem to get caught up in. He’s also prone to do things the old fashioned way. And, in the end,

  • The Test Drive: Echo Arcadia – Visions of Symmetry

    Echo Arcadia are six piece Indie band from Edinburgh, Scotland who strive to “make music that will break your heart while your foot taps along.” Guitars underpinned by thumping drums, thick bass lines and keys with violins that would break a stone heart, all bearing the weight of heartfelt vocals.

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview With Phil Rudd

    As they say, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll. But, to stay on the top, you have to remain relevant. Through all of his trials and tribulations, Phil Rudd manages to do just that. And he does it with a style that

  • First Listen: Divisionists – Say Can You

    London UK’s Divisionists are set to release their new album titled “Daybreak” on March 17th, but first, here is a taste via their lead single “Say Can You”. The song harks back to the era of MTV’s “120 Minutes” with the catchyness of that time coupled with the feel-good sonic

  • First Look: SPC ECO – Under My Skin

    SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) has officially released their new video for the single “Under My Skin”.  Hauntingly eloquent in delivery and beautifully persuasive in execution, SPC ECO captures a spectacular lucid dream with a video that’s as charming as it is eclectic. About SPC ECO Electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO present their

  • First Look: Phil Rudd – Head Job

    Phil Rudd solidifies his rock roots and firmly asserts his reason in rock history with his new video for the title track off of his album “Head Job”. The album has recently been re-released as to get all of the legal BS that can sometimes happen out of the way and

  • First Look: Olivia May – Tonight

    Olivia May has released a gorgeous video for her song titled “Tonight”. I’ve liked Olivia since we first heard of her late last year. She really dives into her work as an artist and it shows. And that demands respect because a lot of artists will just throw their product

  • First Listen: Joel Gion – Tomorrow

    Stepping into the limelight is never an easy task, and to do that when a band like The Brian Jonestown Massacre is in your resume, it can make it intimidating as well. But percussionist Joel Gion does it with ease as he comes into his own with the new single

  • First Listen: Electric Floor – Bluedive

    Relentless yet compelling and aurally lush in every sense of the term, Electric Blue give us a sonic canvas of colors with their new single “Bluedive” off of the upcoming “Fader” album. “Bluedive” is an obvious glimpse into gorgeous creativity that awaits on “Fader” as a whole, with it’s solid

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