• First Look: LuckyandLove – Digging In The Earth

    LuckyandLove have released a visually stellar video for their new poptastic track titled “Diggin In The Earth”. In a truly “Tim Burtonesque” delivery, LuckyandLove have a video that really goes with the audio in that the song serves as a soundtrack to the film while the film gives visualization to

  • First Look: Scott Swain – Like Nothing Else

    This is one beautifully crafted, well thought out song. It gripped me from the intro guitar riff. It has a haunting overtone while carrying an almost dreamlike rhythm to it that captivates and inspires. It really is “like nothing else”. About Scott Swain Scott Swain has been playing in bands

  • First Look: Weinf – Carefulness and Other Bad Advice

    Lost in the beat and consumed by the melody, this is the best description I can give for “Carefulness and Other Bad Advice”, the new single by Weinf. The song flaunts it’s ingenuous quirkiness while the video plays along like an innocent bystander. Good luck getting this song out of your

  • First Look: The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Holy Life

    Rough around the edges while serene in between. This is the way I hear The Stevenson Ranch Davidians’ new song “Holy Life”. A surrealist americana soaked dreampop tinged song that is layer upon layer of chord progressed goodness done in such an original way that it could have only been written

  • First Look: Traveller – All This Time

    The summer of 2012 saw Gerry Sheridan and Simon Usher begin their songwriting partnership, which progressed to become Traveller in January 2016 when they were joined by Martin Yves on guitar and Brian Socha on bass. By spring 2016 the band had written and recorded their debut EP at Chamber

  • First Look: Electus – Ticket to Nowhere

    Steadfast and sturdy with a chunk-a-long guitar rhythm and raspy, snarling vocals, Electus give us a rebellious foot stomping anthem in the form of “Ticket to Nowhere”. The music creeps up on you and becomes infectious in just the right way. Not too heavy yet not too sweet. This is

  • First Look: Kate Grom – Whistle Cry

    Soulful, sultry, and seductive is the way Kate Grom portrays herself in the new video for her song titled “Whistle Cry”. Taking elements of country and pop with just a hint of bluegrass in the chord progressions, “Whistle Cry” gives the listener a meaningful four minutes of sonic tearful bliss

  • First Look: Lola Black – Dead To Me

    Denver, Colorado based Hard Rock band Lola Black have released the teaser for their upcoming full length album, an Official Music Video for their Bob Marlette produced, new single, “Dead To Me.” With footage from Higher Elevation Rock Festival and KBPI Car Show last summer, the “Dead to Me” video

  • First Look: Buffalo Sunn – Idle Man

      We’re thrilled with the response we’ve had with Buffalo Sunn’s new single Idle Man and we’re very happy pleased to bring you the video today. Buffalo Sunn incorporate sounds from the 60’s right up to the present day, mixing “lush production… twanging guitars and large choruses” (The Last Mixed

  • First Look: Blacktop Mojo – Where the Wind Blows

    Seamlessly blending melody with adrenaline fueled, heavy rock and roll, Blacktop Mojo draws in everyone from old metal heads to people whose radio dials have never left top 40 stations. With soaring, gritty vocals and impeccably blended heavy guitar grooves set around a raucous southern stomp, Blacktop Mojo’s live shows

  • First Look: The Director’s Cuts – Static

    Industrial with rhythm. Heavy with heart. These are but two ways to describe the latest from The Director’s Cuts, a London based dynamic duo consisting of Another Destiny Project creator Peter Pahor and Romance guitarist Jon Hartz-Wild. Taken in the context of modern politics, The Director’s Cuts become a de-facto

  • First Look: Jibe – We’ve Only Just Begun

    Legendary Dallas, Texas Rock band JIBE has released the Official Music Video for “We’ve Only Just Begun,” which is the second single off of their upcoming album, Epic Tales of Human Nature. Due out June 9th, Epic Tales of Human Nature was produced by Matt Noveskey (Blue October), and mixed

  • First Look: Bruce Mississippi Johnson – No Good

    There can be a lesson learned when you hear a prodigy such as Bruce Mississippi Johnson, and that is creative talent comes from experience. And Bruce takes those experiences that he’s learned from life and solidly place them in his music. You can hear the passion and conviction in his

  • First Look: Tara Chinn – Cigarettes and Gin

    Talent and class are rarely something that is solely learned. Some say that you have to be born with it. And while I personally feel the jury is still out on that, one thing is for sure, Tara Chinn was born with both. And it shows. If you listen to

  • First Look: Clustersun – Raw Nerve

    Clustersun delivers an insane and imaginative video and single in the guise of “Raw Nerve” with a sonically delightful monotone rhythm highlighted with beautifully dissonant guitars and a soaring vocal track which culminate in a sonic landscape worthy of only the most serious creative minds. About Clustersun Clustersun has announced

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