• First Listen: Batz – Darlin’

    Rising once again from their after-dark, secret underground party lair in the streets of Melbourne, thrash-punk quintet Batz are back in action, and are ready to take it to a whole new level. The gang has crafted their sound into being one of the most progressive post-punk offerings in Australia,

  • First Listen: Peter118 – Radio

    Originally the solo project of Peter Field, formerly of Stoke-based Punk bands Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom, Peter118 stormed onto the scene with the release ‘Make It Or Break It’ EP in 2014, when Field was joined by his wife Janine on bass and backing vocals, and friend Sam on

  • First Listen: Equinox – Goodbye (featuring Dementio13)

    Immersed in an introspective landscape of conflicting and aberrant thoughts and imagination, “Goodbye” is a departure from the norm for modern music but the home territory of Equinox. When accompanied by Dementio13, this collaboration becomes a metaphorical lucid dream in the mind of the likes of Tim Burton or David Lynch

  • First Listen: Half Waif – Severed Logic

    ‘Severed Logic’ is taken from their forthcoming EP, “form/a”, which is released as a limited-edition 12” on February 24. Half Waif marks a step into somewhat moodier territory for the label while still radiating qualities Cascine has been long drawn to. The “form/a” EP is a collection of tracks that

  • First Listen: Ric Zweig – The Stranger

    The music of Ric Zweig can take you back to a simpler time when FM was king and and video was afraid of the radio star. Raspy, experienced vocals and thick, clear, vintage-tubed guitar give us the assurance that the music that evolves and is still heartfelt is alive and well

  • First Listen: Dakota – Icon

    The new track by Dutch Indie band Dakota titled “Icon” is a soothing shock to the aural senses via crystal clear chord progressions boosting dreamy melodic vocal tones in such a fashion as to make anyone appreciate music again like a score to a good memory. About Dakota The Netherlands’

  • First Listen: Tyler Hilton – Next To You

    With new single ‘Next to You’ released, Tyler Hilton has made his first appearance in American television drama Pitch. Tyler, who plays a Noah, a charming and quick-witted billionaire computer nerd, first appeared on the Fox TV show on December 1st. He returned for the season finale which aired at

  • First Listen: Joel Gion – Tomorrow

    Stepping into the limelight is never an easy task, and to do that when a band like The Brian Jonestown Massacre is in your resume, it can make it intimidating as well. But percussionist Joel Gion does it with ease as he comes into his own with the new single

  • First Listen: Electric Floor – Bluedive

    Relentless yet compelling and aurally lush in every sense of the term, Electric Blue give us a sonic canvas of colors with their new single “Bluedive” off of the upcoming “Fader” album. “Bluedive” is an obvious glimpse into gorgeous creativity that awaits on “Fader” as a whole, with it’s solid

  • First Listen: Jodie H Dunn – I Belong In Hell

    Singer-songwriter Jodie H Dunn transforms her emotional ballad ‘I Belong In Hell’ into a pop anthem with the help of Andy Whitmore at Greystoke studio. After getting signed to an unknown label who gave her major issues, Jodie found herself disheartened from songwriting. However 4 years down the line she

  • First Listen: Screams On Sunday – The Night

    Alternative female fronted rock group Screams On Sunday (SOS) blend melodic guitar solos with rock rhythms to create their upcoming single ‘The Night.’ The Spanish band that came together via the internet, discuss the idea of today’s generation being obsessed with creating an online persona, lacking real life relations. The

  • First Listen: The Aim – Back And Forth

    The Aim redefine the dirty the stomp rocker with the new single off their new album “Days Like These” titled “Back And Forth”. Let the percussion define the attitude and the rhythm lead the grind. This is an anthem for the new indie! Bravo! About The Aim Every now and then

  • First Listen: Adam Lancely – Those Rose Tinted Days

    The trials of life have not held back the strong-minded singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, whose tragic car crash at the age of ten left him fighting for his life. After his parents were told his chances of survival were slim and that he certainly would not walk again, Adam was determined

  • First Listen: Andy J Gallagher – Sheena’s Big Night Out / Because We Are

    Raucous and gloriously rambunctious is the new double A-side brought to you by Andy J Gallagher. Each song is short and sweet yet to-the-point by taking the anthemic stance to songwriting and giving us to stomp rockers worthy of any radio station! About Andy J Gallagher A world of punk sensibilities, old-school

  • First Listen: The Hallows – Cardboard Love

    Classically infused alternative pop trio The Hallows explore life, relationships and how things can change over time with their debut album ‘Of Time And Tides’ to be released 13th January. Championing their own very unique sound, The Hallows are an enchanting concoction of Kate Bush, Muse, Portishead and Tori Amos

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