• First Listen: Partisan – Too Late

    Beginning with the momentum that began with “Two Lovers”, Partisan continue their evolution of revolution with their new single titled “Too Late”. Partisan has always been a band that I personally have, not only enjoyed, but respect musically. Partisan have always had the habit of adding intrigue, musically interesting hooks,

  • First Listen: Third Frame – Keep It Movin’ (featuring Bubba Sparxxx)

    The Third Frame continue the streak down the yellow brick road that began with “What It Do” with their followup known as “Keep It Movin’”, featuring none other than Bubba Sparxxx. As if a kraken were awakened, Third Frame have reappeared out of nowhere after a years long hiatus with

  • First Listen: Broken Social Scene – Hug Of Thunder

    ‘Hug Of Thunder’ follows the release of the song ‘Halfway Home,’ which the band performed to rapturous response on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at the end of March. ‘Hug Of Thunder’ is everything BSS fans love from the Canadian collective and then some, an album overflowing with glorious

  • First Listen: System Corporation – Dismal Universal Hiss

    Sonically bathed in decadent suaveness and presented in full blown beat glory with foot-stomping drums and droning guitars, “Dismal Universal Hiss” places System Corporation solidly on the #indie map with a promising and bright forecast into the future of music. Bravo! About System Corporation New Zealand rock outfit System Corporation are

  • First Listen: Caesaria – Wavin’ Goodbye

    Poptastically brilliant with a touch of sheer musical genius is what French electro-pop outfit Caesaria deliver with their new single “Wavin’ Goodbye”. The song soars right out of the gate with an unbridled intro-hook that leaves the listener wanting for more, and it gives it. Well thought out and creatively

  • First Listen: Soup J5 – All Around The World

    Soup J5 came up and found fame as part of the iconic, gold-selling Hip Hop group Jurassic 5. With over 25 years in the music industry, Soup has received gold records for his work on Wu-Tang’s debut album, Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers, and Mobb Deep’s sophomore album, The Infamous.

  • First Listen: The Goood Things – Yer Eyes

    Keeping up with their ongoing fun and carefree pop rock roots, Japan’s own The Goood Things, triumph yet again with another alt-indie future classic. How these guys (and girl) can continually come up with goood (see what I did there?) songs is a magic I wish I had a bottle

  • First Listen: Kids On Bridges – Just Because You Can

    Fresh from a support slot with Grammy Award Winner Beck and shows with The Hot 8 Brass Band, Soulwax and Calvin Harris, the Liverpool trio unleash a new single ‘Just Because You Can’. The track is a heavy pounding Stones groove akin to ‘Undercover of the Night’ with a Gang

  • First Listen: Dirty Jane – Boogie Monster

    Dirty to the core with a rebel smell is the best way to describe to hyperpunktastical assault that is “Boogie Monster”, the new track from the Birmingham, UK outfit known as Dirty Jane. This track hits you like a methodical baseball bat to the ears while assertively announcing “your next

  • First Listen: Pattern Language – By Time We Get There

    Chris Frain, a.k.a. Pattern Language, is set to deliver his electronic, “bit-beat” opus “By The Time We Get There”, via U.K.’s Happy Robot Records. The track is a steady jet-set of beat and bounce steady at the helm yet a little chaotic with the rudder, but you do get there

  • First Listen: Quiet Domino – Metropelium

    Electronica fuses with pop sensibility with the new release from Quiet Domino. This song bleeds poptastic chord progressions via electronic muses topped with soothing vocals and a retro hrmony type chorus that eases the listener into the listening experience in a way that only a true songwriter can deliver. About

  • First Listen: Third Frame – What It Do

    Well, they’re back! After a long hiatus and the death of valued conspirator DJ Spot, Ry Gizzy and Ddlux re-unite under the banner of Third Frame and release the brand new retro-rap laden hip-tastical journey known as “What It Do” showing that, not only do they still have the old

  • First Listen: The Foreign Resort – She is Lost

    As if plucked from the days when anything “alternative” (I hate that term) and different was deemed “post-modern”, “She Is Lost” finds it’s way into the artistry that is #indie via the minds of The Foreign Resort in a beautiful aural tapestry of lush keys and sonically vibrant guitars supporting

  • First Listen: Black Needle Noise – A Shiver of Want (feat. Bill Leeb)

    “A Shiver of Want”, the new collaboration effort from Black Needle Noise (a.k.a. John Fryer), this time around with Front Line Assembly’s Bill Leeb, gives the impression of a sound wave travelling through the memories of the subconscious. It has that perilous undertone while delivering a droning hook that cascades

  • First Listen: Buffalo Sunn – Idle Man

    Buffalo Sunn incorporate sounds from the 60’s right up to the present day, mixing “lush production… twanging guitars and large choruses” (The Last Mixed Tape) to provide “a strong, intuitive sense of West Coast US music” (The Irish Times). Their latest single ‘Idle Man’ is the first release from their

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