First Listen (Single Premieres)

    Savoir Faire

    First Listen: Savoir Faire – How’s It Supposed To Feel

    Saviore Faire has today released her new single titled 'How It's Supposed To Feel'. Awareness becomes more aware when the vessel is attractive and evolving. That is what we get with 'How It's Supposed To Feel'.
    Unfamiliar Things

    First Listen: Unfamiliar Things – Most People

    Unfamiliar Things has released their new single titled 'Most People'. Pop with enthusiasm and songwriting with snark is a sweet combination for a song that demands repeated listens. The pairing of Matt Levy's vocal styling...

    First Listen: Chalynn – Luv Sum U

    Chalynn has today released her new single 'Luv Sum U' on Lil Baby's 4PF label. Giving a first listen impression of a refreshed sound in the world of RnB, we get a deeper meaning...
    Your Angel

    First Listen: Your Angel – Misbehave

    Your Angel has today released her new single titled 'Misbehave'. Beautifully crafted with hints of vintage electro-pop, 'Misbehave is a hook filled synthtastic slight banger with a summer feel and a stage presence. Feeling down...
    Major Kami

    First Listen: Major Kami – Major Jones / Coco Dancing

    Major Kami has released her new single titled 'Major Jones'. Surrounded by that special originality that only comes with the future mega-acts that make indie great, Major Kami creates a bookend for 'Coco Dancing'...
    Frankie Rose

    First Listen: Frankie Rose – Anything

    Frankie Rose has today released her first single in six years titled 'Anything' from her upcoming album 'Love as Projection'. Feeling rejuvenated musically and, sort of, starting with a fresh slate, Frankie gives a...
    The Slow Readers Club,Modernise,

    First Listen: The Slow Readers Club – Modernise + New Video & Show Dates

    The Slow Readers Club has today released their new single and video titled 'Modernise' from their upcoming album ‘Knowledge Freedom Power’ dropping February 24th. Legends handcrafted from Manchester, UK and gifted to the world, TSRC...
    Stalking Gia,Happy Birthday!

    First Listen: Stalking Gia – Happy Birthday!

    Stalking Gia has today released her new single titled 'Happy Birthday!'. With an already stellar and accomplished resume within the confines of the music business, Gia is in a position to do whatever she...

    First Listen: Leaflet – Something Beyond

    Leaflet has released their new single titled 'Something Beyond', from their upcoming album of the same name dropping January 20th, 2023. Part anthemic with a style based on originality and sheer drive fused with gritty/melodic...
    Rikshaw N’ the Ruckus

    First Listen: Rikshaw N’ the Ruckus – White Rabbit

    Rikshaw N’ The Ruckus has released their new single titled 'White Rabbit'. A bit of a departure from their previous works, we get a more subdued yet more sonically diverse RNR with 'White Rabbit'....

    First Listen: LeBrock – Chemistry

    LeBrock have released their new single titled 'Chemistry'. Synth feel with the weight of conviction, LeBrock have long ago found their sound and share it in front of millions of fans who identify themselves...

    First Listen: 93FEETOFSMOKE – Feel Something At All

    93FEETOFSMOKE has today released the new single known as 'Feel Something At All'. Hyped in hip and strung from the soul of someone needing a change, we get a song meant for the mind...
    Eric Sleeper

    First Listen: Eric Sleeper – Son of a Gun

    Eric Sleeper has today released his new single titled 'Son of a Gun'. Simple, sweet, and elegant, Eric is one of those kinds of artists whose music reflects his soul. 'Son of a Gun'...
    Anisha LaBelle

    First Listen: Anisha LaBelle – Liquor

    Anisha LaBelle has released her new single titled 'Liquor'. Rebuilt via personal transformation and rerecorded from love of the track, Anisha brings a signature sound to a track that grew up with her; sonically...
    Sunday Honey

    First Listen: Sunday Honey – Seven Five Zero

    Sunday Honey have released their new single titled 'Seven Five Zero'. With alternative long being the mainstream, Sunday Honey breathe new life into the genre with a fresh take and a, well, alternative outlook.
    Social Drag

    First Listen: Social Drag – Drug Like You

    Social Drag has today released the new single titled 'Drug Like You', from the upcoming eponymous EP releasing in mid January 2023.
    Little Fuss

    First Listen: Little Fuss – I Want A Secret

    Little Fuss have today released their new single titled 'I Want A Secret', from the upcoming album 'Girls At Party' releasing January 12th.

    First Listen: Imanos – Shiver & Gold

    Imanos has today released his new single titled 'Shiver & Gold'. Serenely calm from the start and harmonically gifted throughout, Imanos is an artist who can immediately set the mood with that first bar. Almost set with a spiritual tone, the house and hook quickly intervene without overcoming that mood set.

    First Listen: Miranova – Demons + Exclusive Q&A

    Breakups continue to inspire some of the world’s greatest songs. Our fragile human hearts need all the comfort we can find during those painful times. And there’s no greater comfort than melody and rhythm. And Miranova provides us with a heavy dose of both on their newest single “Demons.”
    Life In Mono,Blackout,Sex to White Noise

    First Listen: Life In Mono – Blackout / Sex to White Noise

    Life In Mono have released their double singles titled 'Blackout' and 'Sex to White Noise'. Bookends to a signature sound, both singles offer that sweetly dark and twisted soul music dressed in black and...

    First Listen: Emei – Backtrack

    Emei has today released her new single titled 'Backtrack'. While this may be her swan song for the pop rock genre, I still can't tell if she is serious or seriously f*cking with her fans. Because this is an anthem. A massive fist to the fury that is the rock in the pop rock. Why the f*ck stop there? Please say you are kidding.
    Sara De Sanctis

    First Listen: Sara De Sanctis – Astray/Have I Been Dreaming

    Sara De Sanctis is set to release her new single titled 'Astray' on December 2nd. Hauntingly brilliant and musically defiant, the single, as well as it's B-Side counterpart, show off not only Sara's talents...
    Jake Lancer

    First Listen: Jake Lancer – Baby Is The Moment

    Jake Lancer has today released his new single titled 'Baby Is The Moment' via Malfunction Records. Infectious as a groove and honest as a musical poem, 'Baby Is The Moment' show how art chronicles life with a deep dive into love lost , found, and f*cked up.
    Coco Bevan

    First Listen: Coco Bevan – Bruised Ego

    Coco Bevan has today released her new single titled 'Bruised Ego'. Energetic from the start and bombastic throughout, 'Bruised Ego' pulls no punches and lands on it's feet with a gritty pop song that delves into rock and crashes through the ego.
    Caleb Miller

    First Listen: Caleb Miller – Handsome

    Caleb Miller has released his new single titled 'Handsome'. Quirky alt-pop refined for radio with an electro-hook sounding signature, Caleb joins the annuls of indie legends with a song that feels as good as...