• First Listen: Earthset – Flush

    Italy’s Earthset have always had the uncanny ability to pleasantly surprise me with every release. I still listen to “rEvolution of the Species” on a regular basis. And their interview with us was just as revealing artistically. And now they are about to release “Popism” in March. This will definitely

  • First Listen: Blueprint Blue – You and Me

    Blueprint Blue discovered ‘You and Me’ and the incredible story behind the song, when Mairead Nash, manager of Florence and the Machine, asked the band to perform at her wedding. Originally recorded in 1970 by long forgotten soul band Penny and Quarters, ‘You and Me’ came to prominence in 2010

  • First Listen: Black Needle Noise (John Fryer) – Swimming Through Dreams (with Mimi Page)

    Stepping out from behind the board, legendary producer John Fryer claims his musical birthright with the help of singer-songwriter Mimi Page. Canvasing a vast sonic landscape wherever he goes, John (a.k.a. Black Needle Noise) paints lucid skies and lurid valleys with every note and ever progression. About John Fryer Legendary producer

  • First Listen: Jackson Legg – OverEasy (She’s Always)

    Lancashire based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jackson Legg began writing songs when he was in his early twenties and living in London. Having already written a novel, Legg found that putting words to music felt more natural and began to record his compositions in a home studio. Finding a list of

  • First Listen: Save Ferris – New Sound

    On the eve of releasing their new EP (“Checkered Past”, out February 10), and on the heels of their massive comeback attack, Ska-Punk pioneers Save Ferris have sustained their triumphant return with a taste of things to come, and that taste is “New Sound”, collaborating with none other than Neville

  • First Listen: Vigilantes – What A Shame

    Vigilantes’ energetic Indie Rock has drawn comparisons with Kings of Leon and The Strokes, and it’s easy to see why. The band pride themselves on their tight, fast paced and audacious stage presence, reminiscent of an early Arctic Monkeys with an attitude to match. Their live shows have earned them

  • First Listen: The Survival Code – One

    A total assault on the aural senses is exactly how “One”, the new single from London indie outfit The Survival Code, hits you from 0:00. The guitars chug throughout like a freight train and the back beat hits you like an absolute psycho. This is a song that doesn’t f*ck

  • First Listen: Blueprint Blue – Good Dreams

    Blueprint Blue’s Elliot Hayward, Melissa Rigby and Huw Webb formed in 2013, united by a love of The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, and Jackson Browne. Their manifesto is simple; beautifully crafted melodies, heartfelt story telling and a classic authentic sound. Whilst Blueprint Blue’s musical influences are rare against the backdrop

  • First Listen: Divisionists – Say Can You

    London UK’s Divisionists are set to release their new album titled “Daybreak” on March 17th, but first, here is a taste via their lead single “Say Can You”. The song harks back to the era of MTV’s “120 Minutes” with the catchyness of that time coupled with the feel-good sonic

  • First Listen: Batz – Darlin’

    Rising once again from their after-dark, secret underground party lair in the streets of Melbourne, thrash-punk quintet Batz are back in action, and are ready to take it to a whole new level. The gang has crafted their sound into being one of the most progressive post-punk offerings in Australia,

  • First Listen: Peter118 – Radio

    Originally the solo project of Peter Field, formerly of Stoke-based Punk bands Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom, Peter118 stormed onto the scene with the release ‘Make It Or Break It’ EP in 2014, when Field was joined by his wife Janine on bass and backing vocals, and friend Sam on

  • First Listen: Equinox – Goodbye (featuring Dementio13)

    Immersed in an introspective landscape of conflicting and aberrant thoughts and imagination, “Goodbye” is a departure from the norm for modern music but the home territory of Equinox. When accompanied by Dementio13, this collaboration becomes a metaphorical lucid dream in the mind of the likes of Tim Burton or David Lynch

  • First Listen: Half Waif – Severed Logic

    ‘Severed Logic’ is taken from their forthcoming EP, “form/a”, which is released as a limited-edition 12” on February 24. Half Waif marks a step into somewhat moodier territory for the label while still radiating qualities Cascine has been long drawn to. The “form/a” EP is a collection of tracks that

  • First Listen: Ric Zweig – The Stranger

    The music of Ric Zweig can take you back to a simpler time when FM was king and and video was afraid of the radio star. Raspy, experienced vocals and thick, clear, vintage-tubed guitar give us the assurance that the music that evolves and is still heartfelt is alive and well

  • First Listen: Dakota – Icon

    The new track by Dutch Indie band Dakota titled “Icon” is a soothing shock to the aural senses via crystal clear chord progressions boosting dreamy melodic vocal tones in such a fashion as to make anyone appreciate music again like a score to a good memory. About Dakota The Netherlands’

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